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Michael R. Green (mug shot TCSO)

A man from Hollister has pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter for a September 2010 drunk driving car crash that killed two Branson women.

According to court records, Michael R. Green, 27, had a blood alcohol level of over .18 when he ran a stop sign and crashed into a rock bluff at Highway 248 and Branson Hills Pkwy.  He told investigator's he was showing out for the girls and going too fast.
Killed in the crash were twenty four year-old Jessica A. Jenkins and twenty five year-old Nicole L. Porter.
Photo courtesy of WTCFPD

Green, who was charged as a prior and persistent offender because of convictions of first degree tampering and receiving stolen property in 2007, will remain out on bail until he is sentenced on June 21st.
As part of the plea agreement, prosecutor's have asked Judge Mark Orr to cap Green's sentence to no more than twenty years in prison.


C.L. said...

I did not know these girls personally but my husband has known the Porter family since he was a kid, and it breaks our hearts that this happened. we came up on the accident moments after police arrived and were shocked as to how the accident could have even occured. its sad to think a DRUNK is responsible for killing these 2 young women. and I think it is a grave misjustice that Mr. Green is only getting twenty years max!!! these young women had WAY more life in them than 10 years a piece!!! they had their WHOLE LIVES yet ahead!!!! I think Mr. Green should have gotten LIFE in prison for the two young women's lives that he VOLUNTARILY KILLED!!! he chose to drive DRUNK.... that was VOLUNTARY!!! yes both of the young women could have chosen not to VOLUNTARILY get in the car with him, BUT he also chose to speed.... again that was VOLUNTARY!!! those girls INVOLUNTARILY had there lives taken by a man whose VOLUNTARILY made the wrong choices!!! shame on the prosecutor and judge for agreeing on a plee agreement and not seeking JUSTICE for these two young women!!!!

Myrna M. Teague said...

In regards to the Michael Green story. I had known Jessica since she was about 12 years old. Her family went to my church in Hollister. I think it is absolutely HORRENDOUS that this irresponsible young man has been out and free for about 19 months and these two young women are gone. Their families have not been able to enjoy them or be with them, but his family was given the opportunity to have him around. I know that his drivers license was taken from him at the hospital after this accident, and yet he has been seen driving around different areas of Branson. Now is that RIGHT? This young man has been in and out of trouble for several years. I believe with all my heart that he needs to be given LIFE without the chance of parole. He gave Jessica and Nichole a death sentence.............so he should have to give up his freedom for the rest of his life. I'm sure Green agreed to a plee agreement knowing full well that a jury would have had no sympathy for him and would have more than likey given him life without a chance of parole and probably would have come to that in about 30 minutes. I say shame on the Judge if he DOESN'T give this young man the 20 years and nothing less. I hope that the Judge will think long and hard about his decision and remember that this young man has made a lot of mistakes, seems to have no respect for the law, and if not put in prison for a long time will probably commit more crimes. Is he going to be given the chance to KILL someone else?

david82 said...

I was the only person that saw the accident as it happened..i was at the stop sugn getting ready to turn right on 248 when all of a sudden on i heard a car coming at a very high speed and crashed into the rock enbankment ( thank god i wasnt on the left lane becausee the car would've slammed me from behind) a few seconds later the driver door opened and this guy came out he dragged him self away from the car on his behind ,so i got out of my car and walked towards him and i saw he was in shock...his leg was bleeding and i saw that one of his bones was sticking out..( not sure tough) so i got scared cause the car went on fire...so it looked like he snapped out of it and he started to yell" get them out get them out"repeatedly.so i ran back to my car to call the cops...thats when other people pulled up and were trying to get the people out by brrakung windows forcing doors opened but nothing workrd....finally the fire dept came and after a long strugle the girls got pulled out one of them was put in the ambulance right away and the other layed on the street as the one of the paramedics was giving her CPR...THE next day when i heard they both died i felt horrible.....therefore i beleive this guy should get the maximum wich is life with out parole...judge if u see this please take it into consideration...to bad he declared himself guilty cause i was ready to go testify....

Anonymous said...

This whole situation sickens me. He not only is out running the streets behind the wheel, he is still married with one child, but living with another girl that got pregnant with his child purposely before going to prison! Sick

genny said...

i have known mike for some time and 20 years is to long.he thinks about that night everyday and will till he dies isnt that punishment enough?do you think those girls would want this for theyre friend?cause thats what they where.....gen

Anonymous said...

Michael is a good man that made a catastrophic mistake that he will never be able to make up for. I knew Nikki and it more than breaks my heart that she and Jessica are gone. I can not express how sorry I am to everyone who had to deal with this tragic loss of two beautiful people.

After this happened I visited Mikey in the hospital multiple times... he was a broken man. He cried everyday and felt absolutely awful. I never seen someone so torn up. His mom, wife and other family were just as devastated. People need to realize that Nikki and Jessica were best friends with Mikey and his wife .... he would have never dreamed of harming them. He even asked me why he had to survive and they had to die, and that it should have been him that died.

Mikey made a detrimentally stupid choice and his two best friends are gone because of him. He has to live with the pain he caused them, the pain he caused their families and the pain he caused his own family. Mikey's wife, daughter, parents and other loved ones have also been effected by this tragic event you know...

Nothing will ever EVER make what happened okay, but please don't act as though he is a monster that wanted this to happen. Him having a record (for something completely different) has anything to do with this accident. You know, people die in drunk driving accidents all time by people with clean records so i don't see how his record is relevant at all not to mention I spent a great deal of time with Mikey when he got out and he was a responsible young adult providing for his wife and daughter, working long hours regularly.

This was a tragic ACCIDENT so please stop treating him as though he wanted this. He is going to be in jail until he is 50+ and even after he gets out he has to live with knowing he killed two of his best friends... he has to live with knowing he will never get the life he had with his family back....he has to live with knowing how much pain he caused everyone.

Bauer123 said...

I'm going to tell you...I've known Michael since we were 10 years old. He did not want this to happen to the girls...he made a poor choice as a teenager as alot of people do. Bit I do know he is sorry and he's doing his time as he's supposed to. As the guy said that watched the accident happened..the first words that came out of his mouth were...HELP THE GIRLS...the car was on fire. I know he didn't force the girls in his car and I know this is truly a bad accident. Sorry for everyone's losses. Sorry Mikey we had some screwy lives and we're delt our hands. See you in 14 more years..Chad

Bauer123 said...

Hey bud...when u get out holler at me. Things are different when u get out. Love you man. We all have made mistakes.