2:12 PM
Todd Thomason could face additional charges

A man from Harrison, Arkansas, is behind bars after allegedly threatening to kill a circuit court judge, an attorney and several Boone County deputies.

Sheriff Danny Hickman says Todd R. Thomason, 51, threatened to kill Circuit Judge John Putnam, Harrison attorney Johnny Nichols and others during a 12-minute recorded telephone call on Friday (03-23-12), according to a news release.

Judge John Putnam

Hickman had deputies watch Thomason’s residence while an arrest affidavit was prepared. "Because of concerns about taking Thomason into custody at his home, Sergeant Marc Arnold began communicating with Thomason via telephone and email in an attempt to lure him out. After a number of communications over a period of hours, Thomason agreed to meet Arnold and left his house."

The sheriff says Thomason was taken into custody when he left his home to meet Arnold.

Thomason has been charged with threatening a judicial officer and is being held without bond in the Boone County jail. Additional charges are anticipated, according to Hickman.