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Ricky Don Ralston (mug shot TCSO)
A  man from Walnut Shade has been sentenced to fourteen years in prison for sex offenses involving his former live-in girlfriend's children.

A jury found Ricky Don Ralston, 44, guilty of statutory sodomy, statutory rape and sexual misconduct by indecent exposure in December.
Taney County Prosecutor Jeff Merrell says the jury deliberated about forty five minutes before finding Ralston guilty of supplying the 15-year-old daughter with drugs and alcohol and having sex with her on multiple occasions from December of 2009 thru August of 2009.   The jury also found him guilty of exposing his genitals to his girlfriend’s young son for the purpose of harassing and humiliating the then 13-year-old boy.

"A child abuse hotline call prompted an investigation that led to an investigation into the sexual abuse allegations. The indecent exposure charge was the result of a disclosure from the 13 year old son of Ralston’s girlfriend that Ralston had exposed himself to the boy, then made fun of the boy and called him names for having looked at Ralston’s genitals," said Merrell.
Judge Mark Orr sentenced Ralston to consecutive (one after the other) sentences of six years for statutory rape, six years for statutory sodomy second, and two years for sexual misconduct with a child by indecent exposure.