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Charity Ann Coscia was found decomposing in her father's home

Authorities in Barry County are investigating the "suspicious death" of a woman whose decomposing body was found in her father's house.

Sheriff Mick Epperly says Charity Coscia, 28, was dead for at least two months when her brother found her dead on an air mattress in a bedroom in her father Peter's, 64, home at 28805 Walker Street in Seligman.

About six weeks prior to the gruesome discovery Scott Cosica had gone to check on his sister and was told by their father, "she was fine and to leave her alone," according to Epperly.

When Scott Coscia went back to the house on January 21st to take his father shopping he was overwhelmed by the smell inside the home and found his sibling dead.  Peter Coscia told his son and investigator's that "he had no idea" that his daughter was dead.

"At this point we don't have we don't have anything to charge him with.  Family members told us she had multiple health (stomach) problems.  We are waiting on autopsy results for a cause of death," said Epperly. 

Charity Coscia was booked into the Springdale, Arkansas jail last September for DWI, according to court records.  "That's the last documented time anyone outside of the family has seen her," said Barry County Detective Doug Henry.

Epperly says, "It's one of the weirdest cases I have ever worked."

Coscia's body was sent Southwest Missouri Forensics in Springfield for autopsy.

UPDATE 02-08-12:

Forensic pathologist Dr. Keith Norton of Southwest Missouri Forensics who conducted the autopsy on Charity Coscia says preliminary autopsy results show her cause of death, "is consistent with malnutrition or dehydration."  In other words, she starved to death.