Jeremy Compton yearbook photo (courtesy KSPR)

A High School teacher in Licking has been placed on paid administrative leave after allegedly showing a 17 year-old female student porn on a cell phone.

Jeremy L. Compton, 37, is charged with furnishing pornography to a minor and tampering with physical evidence.  The tampering charge is a result of Compton throwing the phone out a car window to get rid of evidence, according to the probable cause statement.

According to court documents, someone from the high school made a hot line call to report that Compton used a cell phone to show the girl pornography while they were in the gymnasium. Compton is a basketball coach and a teacher with the district.

Compton told school officials that he had "thrown the cell phone out the window of his vehicle while he was going to a class in Rolla."

The girl, who is a teachers aid for Compton, told investigators that Compton showed her two pictures "of a hard penis."  The two other pictures on the phone were of female "porn stars" who were “bent over showing their butts and large breasts."

The senior says Compton told her, "that's my phone....don't tell any one about what you saw."

Police say Compton told them he found the phone after one of his classes and he did not intentionally show the pictures to the girl. "His explanation was that it wasn't his phone. He said he found it on school property and had accessed the phone to attempt to find out who the owner might be,” and that the student "grabbed it."

Compton told investigators that he told the girl the phone was his, "to get her to shut up and to just drop it."