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Dorothy H. Desjardins shot her husband for "stepping out" on her (mug shot GCSO)

An 87 year-old Springfield woman is behind bars for felony domestic assault after allegedly shooting her husband Saturday night.

According to court records, Dorothy H. Desjardins confronted her husband after her hairdresser told her she was having an affair with her husband.  Peter Desjardins, 88, told his wife that he only saw the hairdresser when he accompanied her to her appointments with the woman.

Mr. Desjardins told authorities that he went to bed because he was tired of fighting with his wife.  The elderly man told authorities that after a short time his wife “walked into the room with her walker, sat down on the bed that was next to his, and began to throw books at him.”

He said when she ran out of books to throw, she picked up his revolver and began flinging it around in the air. He told her to put it down because she didn't know how to handle it.  He told investigator's it was at that time she pulled the hammer back and fired the weapon.  The shot struck him in the arm, which was covering his face, according to the probable cause statement.

When officers arrived at the home at 2941 West Lomonta Mr. Desjardins told him his wife had shot him - to which she "made several spontaneous utterances," including, "He had it coming...he was cheating. I caught him fooling around - I just went a little berserk" because "he was stepping out on me, and I just got pissed off.   I intended to scare the shit out of him - I wasn't going to kill him. "

The Ruger handgun, was loaded with shot-shell, which fires fine-grain pellets instead of bullets.   A doctor told cops that Peter did not sustain any serious vascular damage in the shooting, adding that surgery would do more harm than good to remove the bird shot lodged in his forearm.

A criminal history check of Mrs. Desjardins, who is being held on $5,000 bond, showed this was her first arrest.