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Patrick Noel (mug shot CCSO)

US Marshals captured a man wanted on multiple counts of forcible rape, statutory rape and forcible sodomy involving the minor children of friends.

Prosecutors in Christian County charged Patrick Noel, 27, of Nixa with thirteen sex related charges involving two girls.

The probable cause statement says Noel and his wife had been living with the parents of the children from April to July of this year and that the majority of the alleged crimes took place in the home. 

The 15 year-old girl told her father that Noel allegedly forced her to have sex with him numerous times at various locations in the house and in the Battlefield Mall parking lot.  The 13 year-old victim told investigators that Noel "would pin her down and if she told him no or tried to get away he would use his weight to hold her down."

According to court records, the younger girl says Noel "told her having sex with him made her his wife and there was no going back."

"What the deputy investigating this told me once he had intercourse with the girls he basically told them-- they're polygamists-- he told them 'now you're my wives and there's nothing you can do about it,'" Sheriff Joey Kyle explains.

Kyle says he believes the parents of the girls share the same religious beliefs,  which the investigating officer describes as a mix between Christianity and Judaism, as Noel and the father was allegedly upset because Noel did not ask his permission before having sex with his daughters.
The search for Noel led marshals to Hickory and Camden Counties. He was apprehended in the Lake Of The Ozarks State Park and brought back to Ozark where he's being held on a quarter million dollars bond.
UPDATE 01-29-12:

Noel was bound over trial in November.


altonwoods said...

Have you heard any more concerning the disposition of this case?

Kathee Baird said...

Noel was bound over for trial in November. He is due back in court on February 10, 2012. If there is no plea deal made in the case I don't see it going to trial before late fall or early next year.


Anonymous said...

He was sentenced to 49 years....