I write about crime for a living and I'm always surprised when I read the police blotter and it mentions that a home or business was burglarized because the owner failed to arm the alarm system.  It happens more often than most people realize.  Statistics say 30 to 40 percent of burglars tend to avoid homes with burglar alarm systems and businesses without alarm systems are 4.5 times more likely to be burglarized than the ones with an electronic security system.

The vast majority of home invasion's occur between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. when most people are at work.  It is estimated that every 12 seconds someone breaks into a vulnerable home by going right through the front door.

Most home security systems are more than burglar alarms. With the colder months upon us, many elderly "snowbirds" have begun to make winter travel plans to head to warmer weather states.  In addition to having neighbors and family members making periodic checkups on their homes while they're away, those folks should look into an alarm system that alerts firefighters because their furnaces have probably been left on in their homes while they plan to be away.

And for those who forget to arm their system's before they leave there are several apps available via "smart" cell phones that make it simple.