6:04 PM
Stone County Chief Deputy Rich Anderson

A man who suffered a traumatic head injury was responsible for the lock down status at the school in Hurley today (09-27-11.)

Chief deputy Rich Anderson says he first received a call about a man attempting to break into a vehicle on State Highway 413 about 7:30 a.m. - Anderson says when he responded to the call he could not locate the suspect.

About 9:35 a.m. a man went to the school in Hurley to take his kids out and alert staffers that a man he had given a ride told him to get his kids out of the town because he was going to blow the school and the town up.  Staffers called 9-1-1 and placed the school on lock down.

A short time later authorities received a phone call from the same person who had called earlier about the attempted vehicle break in telling them that the man, who was carrying a bible, was back and again attempting to steal the vehicle. 

"The man had a visible wound to the temple and said he had been injured a few days ago, but didn't remember how it happened.  He said God told him he needed to go to St. Louis.  We transported him to Cox hospital for treatment," said Anderson