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Terrie Zornes is accused of raping female inmate in 1994 (mug shot McCSO)

A former jailer in McDonald County has pleaded guilty to charges of sexual misconduct with a minor and has been sentenced to four years in prison. Charges of forcible rape of an inmate were dropped against Zornes in exchange for his guilty plea.

Prosecutors say Terrie Zornes sent a fourteen year-old girl porn and made sexual advances on the teen between September and December of 2010.  The girl told authorities that Zorn tried to molest her while they were in a creek and he later exposed himself to her and made the girl touch him.

In one text message to the girl he reportedly said, “I’m sorry, babe, but if we can’t be together then I’m going to have to get tough with your mom.”
Last month Zornes was charged with the forcible rape of Sheena Eastburn in March of 1994 while she was an inmate in the McDonald County jail.
According to court documents, Zornes worked as a jailer between Jan. 1 and March 1, 1994, and had “complete authority over the inmate and her environment and welfare at the detention center. Eastburn  was ordered into the property room for sexual purposes, and due to her confined status lacked the ability, authority and mental capacity to resist for fearing for her safety and well-being.”

The probable cause statement alleges that Zornes attempted to alter surveillance video that showed him arriving and leaving the women’s pod of the jail, but that he failed to alter a clock visible in the video.

“This altered video did show a lapse in time on the clock on the wall in the video,” according to the probable cause statement.