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Clarence L. Smith is charged with murder, assault and armed criminal action (mug shot GCSO)

Authorities in Springfield are investigating an apparent homicide in the northwest part of the city.

One man is dead, and at least two other people suffered injuries during a knife fight in the 1300 block of Mt. Vernon Street about 4 p.m. Sunday.

A woman, who appeared to be bleeding from her leg, was treated at the scene and another woman said she was stabbed in the arm.

Corporal Matt Brown says the man is being questioned about the incident that is being investigated as a suspicious death.  “It’s a possibility it could be upgraded to a homicide at some point,” he said.

On July 12th authorities were called to a murder/suicide four houses away from Sunday's stabbing.

UPDATE 08-29-11:

Clarence L. Smith, 55, has been charged with second-degree murder for the death of  39 year-old Terry Lynn Brake, two counts of assault and three counts of armed criminal action.  Authorities say Smith allegedly "snapped" when he found out Brake and his ex-girlfriend were dating. 
He is being held without bond. 

Terry Lynn Brake


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