William Fred Rohe (mug shot JCSO)

A convicted sex offender is behind bars after he allegedly tried to pick up young boys using facebook and other social networking sites.

Authorities say William Fred Rohe, 54, of Pierce City, was arrested Saturday at the Pierce City Park after he made arrangements online to meet a young boy there for a sexual encounter. 

Authorities in Pierce City notified the Southwest Missouri Cyber Crimes Task Force that Rohe was contacting young boys online.  During the investigation Jasper County Sheriff’s Detective Ed Bailey, a Task Force Agent, made contact with Rohe who initiated a chat session that led to the meeting at a designated site within the park.

A search warrant was served at Rohe's Pierce City residence following his arrest, and investigators seized several computers and other evidence that lead them to believe that Rohe had been trolling the Internet for young boys.  Law enforcers say more charges against Rohe are likely after what was found on his computer.

Authorities are asking anyone who has information about Rohe, who is a convicted sex offender who faile to register in Missouri, having contact with children to contact the Pierce City Police Department,  Cassville Police Department, Barry County Sheriff’s Office, or Detective Bailey at the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office.

Rohe has been charged with one count of enticement of a child and his bond is bond set at $75,000.00.


Ian said...

Correction, young "boys".