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Donald "Don" and Helen Willingham
Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott will release the new details tomorrow (07-08-11) regarding the brutal stabbing deaths of an elderly couple this past April.

Donald "Don" and Helen Willingham, who were both 79 years-old, were found murdered inside their home on April 25th after Mrs. Willingham called 9-1-1 to report an intruder inside the couples home at 2919 W. Swan. 

Arnott will be joined by several members of the Willingham family at the 11:00 a.m. press conference at the Greene County Sheriff's Office.

There have been no arrests in the couples murder even though hundreds of pieces of evidence were collected at the crime scene.  Arnott asked the Highway Patrol Crime Lab to expedite testing from the Willingham crime scene as well as evidence collected in the disappearance of Rusty and Becky Ellsworth-Porter who went missing from their home near Willard on April 18th.

Rusty and Becky Porter (family photo)
The rush on testing was hampered when the lab had to switch gears to help identify victims of last month's tornado that ripped through Joplin.
In April Sheriff Arnott said it appeared the Willingham's murders were "violent and random," saying there was no sign of forced entry into the their home.  "This is one of the worst cases of my career.  It's a rough deal, not only for the family but for everyone involved." Arnott said. 

The Willigham's, who were married for 59 years, served as missionaries in Guam and Mr. Willingham was a retired Baptist minister.  "This is a wonderful couple.  From visiting with family and neighbors, this is a couple who would do anything to help anyone.  His voice breaking, Arnott said, "They dedicated their life to the Lord."

Both the Willingham and Porter families are offering rewards for information leading to the resolution of the cases.  If you have any information that could help investigators in either case you're asked to call the Greene County Sheriff's Office at (417) 868-4040, Crime Stoppers at (417) 869-TIPS (8477) or 9-1-1.


Barbi McDaniel said...

That's nice that they have new details but what about my missing friend and her husband? Rusty & Becky Porter Seems to be an after thought these days.