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Ann Margaret Williams (mug shot TCSO)

A jury in Taney County has found a woman from Protem guilty of promoting prostitution and endangering the welfare of a child for forcing her fifteen year-old daughter to have sex with a sixty four year-old man.

Taney County prosecutor Jeff Merrell says Ann Margaret Williams, 45, made her daughter have sex with Billy Joe Hunter from December of 2006 - 2007.  In 2008 the teen gave birth to a child that was determined to be Hunter's through DNA testing.

Just before the baby was born, Williams’ daughter told investigators that she received money from Hunter for sex, and that Williams was present during all but one of the numerous sexual encounters.
According to court records, the victim further told investigators her mother would be in bed with her and hold her hand while the she was being raped.

Billy Joe Hunter (mug shot TCSO)

In 2009, Hunter pleaded guilty to statutory rape and sodomy and was sentenced to seven years in prison.  He was released in July of 2010 after serving 120 days "shock" time and is required to register as a sex offender.

Williams is scheduled to be sentenced on August 11th and faces up to fifteen years in prison for promoting prostitution and seven years for endangering the welfare of a child.


Jesse Willoughby said...

Kathee, this story breaks my heart to think that a young girl will be scarred for the rest of her life because of a horrible mother like this. I am happy these rotten criminals were caught, however.

Sara said...

OMg! Ann Margaret Williams is a horrible person!!!! Yikes!!

Anonymous said...

Im disgusted that this happened. As someone from protem and someone who went to school with the girl im glad her mother and hunter are being punished. She was a good kid. They deserve to be locked up forever.

WayneW13 said...

I am her ex husband. She cheated on me numerous times, and by the way she had a baby at the same time by the same dirtbag. Life has a away of catching up with bad behaviors!I think she's getting what she deserves she has 3 other children she has ruined also 1 of them live with me and I was best man at his wedding the other lived with me for years and still has contact with me all the time calls me daily! and her younger brother is somewhere I don't know.

eve williams said...

she was my step mom the girl is my sister she will suffer for the rest of her life desi find me I will take care of you I love you sis

Anonymous said...

This horrible person you're talking about is not a horrible person the person that was abuse for many years the horrible person is the man that got I 120 days when she has to spend the next god knows how long in prison um he should a bit behind bars as long as her