8:22 AM
Brian Lloyd Jacobs (mug shot GCSO)

A thirty nine year-old man is behind bars in Greene County after allegedly shooting and stabbing a clerk at an adult bookstore in west Springfield yesterday (05-28-11.)

Prosecutors have charged Brian Lloyd Jacobs with assault, robbery and three counts of armed criminal action.

Deputies say Jacobs got into an altercation with a clerk, who was shot in the hip and stabbed four times, at Paradise News and Arcade as he attempted to steal items from the store

Jacobs is being held in the Greene County jail on $200,000 bond and will be formally arraigned when court resumes following the Memorial Day holiday.


Jesse Willoughby said...

I was reading about your "Springfield Man Found Guilty Of Drunk Driving" story on 5/26 and thinking, it would be nice if vehicles were equipped with small cameras (the size of an cell phone camera)on all four sides of a vehicle.
This could essentially provide lots of evidence for cases like this. The cost wouldn't be very much for automobile manufacturers because the cost of a iPhone camera is very minimal. It could also help prevent vehicle theft and all the various crimes that are committed in/with vehicles.
Now, I'd also be reluctant to have the government monitor/regulate such video feeds, but somehow we could use this technology to prevent or at least capture more criminals.
What do you think?

Unknown said...

Yeah, Got 10yrs in prison. But the truth is there was no robbery or stealing any merchandise.Two men decided to beat me in the parking lot & after I was cut with a knife I retaliated. They called the police after that.In the process of my incarnation I lost my wife & daughter. I'm not making any excuses. I accept my punishment but the men who attacked me were never charged with anything...