9:36 AM

Daniel Lee Pherigo (mug shot TCSO)

A thirty three year-old man from Kirbyville was convicted by a jury of burglary, tampering and theft in Taney County yesterday (03-29-11.)

Prosecutor Jeff Merrell says a deputy found Daniel Lee Pherigo transferring items from a stolen Mercedes into a stolen BMW in September of last year. Pherigo was in possession of a silver handgun with part of the wooden grip missing stolen in a burglary.  The missing part of the gun was found inside the home from where the Mercedes had been stolen.

Pherigo, who has previously been convicted of felonies under the aliases of Daniel Taylor and Daniel Derkit, faces up to 15 years for each of the three felonies when he is ssentenced on June 2nd.


Anonymous said...

Way to go police. I hope this dirt bag is put away 15 years each per felony. Let him rot in jail.

- DA