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Who Holds The Answers To Springfield's Biggest Mystery---What Happened To Sherrill, Suzie and Stacy?:

Stacy McCall (l.) Sherrill Levitt (m.) and Suzie Streeter (r.)

I very seldom write about Springfield's Three Missing Women aka The Springfield Three. I find that I can't be objective when I get to the police and the prosecutors office in this case. For those of you who don't know, I have been receiving tips and conducting my own investigation into what happened to Sherrill Levitt, Suzi Streeter and Stacy McCall on June 7, 1992.

The SPD and the prosecutors office have pretty much stonewalled me and the evidence I have brought them regarding the women's disappearance. They are in possession of two rings that were found in a shoebox full of articles about the women, along with two other rings, in a house on W. Walnut.

Those rings still have not had any DNA testing conducted on them "because we feel they were handled by too many people," according to Sgt. Allen Neal of the SPD. Touch DNA could be crucial in this case for analysis on those rings.
In December of 2010 Investigation Discovery came to Springfield and Tennessee to interview former and current detectives on the case, the gentleman I hired to conduct the Ground Penetrating Radar scan at the parking garage, Janis McCall, Janelle Kirby, Bartt Streeter and myself.  The links above are to the program that aired on Investigation Discovery or ID titled, "The Springfield Three."
Until people start DEMANDING answers, we will be at the same place we are now in another 19 years....still seeking justice for Sherrill, Suzi and Stacy. 

If you have any information on their disappearance I can be reached at 417-369-2616 or meyer_news@hotmail.com or the SPD @ 417-864-1810


InnerView said...

Regarding the "Springfield Three"... I just watched the documentary and am really wondering what ever happened with the garage?! At the end of the show, there was a reporter shown from 12/10 that said they expected to meet with the hospital and other parties involved, and to further investigate the images found by the scanner below the garage floor. Did a dig ever occur? If so, WHY NOT?!! It definitely should be! These families need and deserve closure, and it seems that this is a very promising lead. The show really left me hanging!
~ Kelly