3:18 PM

Branson Junior High Principal Brian Bronn Was Attacked On A Mission Trip To Texas
The principal at Branson Junior High was assaulted over the weekend in Texas while conducting mission work for K-Life, which is a subsidiary of Kanakuk Kamp.

Brian Bronn told detectives he was carrying things from an apartment complex to a vehicle in the 1600 block of S. Oak about 10:15 p.m. and as he walked by two Hispanic males one of them men hit him on the head with something. 

Bronn is part of a group of 36 adults and students conducting mission work for K-Llife in Texas this week. 

Tiara Richard, spokeswoman for the Arlington Police Department, says, "He told officers he did not need to be transported to a hospital, but later was taken by private vehicle to Medical Center of Arlington."  Bronn suffered a gash to his head and a mild concussion in the attack.

"Investigators are talking to the victim and witnesses in the area in the hope that someone may have seen something that will help them catch the person or persons responsible.  At this time, no arrests have been made in the case," said Richard.

Richard says the attack on Bronn, "Opened our eyes and showed us that we need to inform clergy from our area to make contact with authorities in cities they will be visiting and ask them to step up enforcement in the places they will be."