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Kenny Lynn Dean newest mug shot (CCSO)
A former Highway Patrol Trooper who was sentenced to five years probation after pleading guilty to  domestic assault on February 18th is facing new charges in Christian County.

Prosecutors have charged Kenny Lynn Dean with burglary following a high speed chase on Tuesday that began in Nixa and ended in Ozark.

Detective Jason Hartsell with the Nixa police department says they received a phone call from a family member of Dean's estranged wife Tracy saying the were concerned for her well being.

As police officers arrived at the woman's home (who had an active protection order against Dean) they found her running to a neighbor's house to call for help after she was allegedly held against her will for at least 24 hours by Kenny Dean.  Officers attempted to apprehend Dean, who fled in a vehicle, "But he wasn't havin' any part of that and sped up," according to Hartsell.

Dean's former colleagues were called in to assist in the chase as was the Ozark police department.  That chase ended at 2405 W. Westwind Drive in Ozark after his car was disabled by spike strips.  Dean then bailed out of his vehicle and attempted to steal a pickup truck parked in the driveway.  Unsuccessful, he ran into the open garage of strangers and picked up a large metal object and assaulted Trooper Scott Rice and Ozark police officer Tim Fielden.

In February of 2009 prosecutors in Stone County charged Dean with first-degree domestic assault, second-degree felonious restraint and second-degree domestic assault for an incident that left Tracy Dean with bleeding on her brain and a fractured wrist.

Dean, who was assigned to Troop D (southwest Missouri) from January of '01 to March of '04, was charged last June with kidnapping, burglary and assaulting Tracy Dean in Christian County.  Those charges were amended to second degree domestic assault which he pleaded guilty to last week.

In July he was charged with defrauding a secured creditor in Christian County and last month he was charged with theft for allegedly stealing a flatbed trailer from his ex business partner in December.

Christian County chief assistant prosecutor Donovan Dobbs says they are waiting on additional reports from Nixa and Ozark and anticipate filing additional charges that could include assault of a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest and attempting to flee.  Dobbs says they will ask a judge to revoke his probation.

One of Dean's former wife's says she's concerned that he will kill Tracy Dean, their children and will commit suicide by cop if he is let out on bond.

Dean is currently being held without bond in the Christian County jail.


Anonymous said...

This guy needs to go away for a long time.

Anonymous said...

This guy is crazy! At the time he graduated the patrol, he won the ' Sharp Shooter' of his graduating class award. If this judge lets him out on bail, he will go after anyone he feels has wronged him. Ray Charles could see this guy is a serious danger to his family, and now the officers who work so hard at protecting us from people just like him. I hope they lock him up and throw away the key!

Anonymous said...

This guy is crazy! When he graduated the patrol academy, he was awarded the class 'Sharp Shooyer' award. If the judge lets him out on bond this time, he will go after anyone he feels has wronged him. Anything goes when everything is gone! This guy is on his way to prison, he knows it, and has nothing left to lose. Ray Charles could see that he is a serious danger to his family, and now a serious danger to the officers who protect us from people like him! I hope the judge sees this and locks him up for good!

Anonymous said...

He attacked officers with a large metal object, which provided them the perfect excuse to dispatch his sorry ass off the planet. That's what is wrong with our society. We let garbage like Kenny Dean live and suck up taxpayer money in the process.

Rick said...

I know Trooper S. Rice and Officer T. Fieldan personally. They are the cream of the crop, I am glad to see they weren't seriously injured by this parasite.

By looking ar Kenny Dean's booking photo it look's as if he was on the losing end of the scuffle.....hopefully he will now be sentenced to some state prison time.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Kenny's plan of "suicide by cop" was flushed down the toilet. Now lets hope the prosecuter gets smart this time and locks him up for good before he becomes an even more danger to society. For apparently knowing the law so well, he sure knows how to disrespect it. For those of us who have dealt with him in the past, if the prosecutor lets him walk again, we all better duck and take cover. No telling what all this fool will try to pull next.

Anonymous said...

Kenny was a problem when he was a Trooper and released from his duties.
As far as him stealing a flatbed trailer? Kenny's ex business partner PAUL ROSE has his own charges pending for rape, sodamy with a child under 13.
The whole bunch needs put in a compond before they mess up more and others lives.

Anonymous said...

I knew this guy in college and could not believe he was hired by MO HWY PATROL in the first place.

Anonymous said...

He shouldn't have ran from Scottie Rice. What do you tell Kenny Dean with two black eyes? Nothing. He's been told.

Anonymous said...

Knowing the law so well gives Kenny Dean the misconception he can abuse it and is above it. Look at his success in getting by with his crimes so far. Its just a matter of time before they let him walk on this too.
It won't just be Tracy and their daughter he goes after. All of his children unfortunately are in danger.
He was a trooper longer than just from 2001-2004 btw.