Debra Y. Dillard (mug shot HCSO)

A jury in Wright County has convicted a woman from Moody of first-degree murder and armed criminal action for killing her daughter-in-law in November of 2009.

On November 13, 2009, a passerby called 9-1-1 to report a fatal car crash on Hwy FF near Missouri 142, but authorities were suspicious immediately because the fatal wounds to Becki Lynne Dillard, 24, suffered weren't from a car crash, but from two bullet wounds to the head.

Dillard's family told investigators that she left to buy makeup at Wal-Mart for her sister's birthday but she never made it to the party.

Investigators say that Debra Yvonne Dillard, 53, Becki's mother-in-law, told detectives that her boyfriend, Billy Joe Eastep, hated Becki and followed her down Highway FF and pulled her over.
Court documents say that Eastep began yelling at Dillard and as she turned to walk away from the confrontation he allegedly shot her in the back of the head.  Sheriff Mike Shannon says that after Becki fell to the ground, Eastep walked over to where she lay and shot her once more in the head.

Billy Joe Eastep (mug shot HCSO)
According to the probable cause statement, Debra Dillard allegedly sent signed confessions to several people implicating herself in her in Becki's murder.

Becki Dillard worked as a hairdresser at Wal-Mart in West Plains and had  two little boys, Cobey 4, and Kryckett who had just turned 1 at the time of their mother's murder.

Howell County assistant prosecutor Josh Corman says that Justin Dillard testified during the week long trial that he and his mother were home watching a movie at the time of his wife's murder.
"The defendant confessed, then tried to retract her confession.  In a written statement she said now Becki can't hurt anyone anymore.  She's [Debra Dillard] probably the only one that can tell you why she did it," said Corman.
Eastep, 42, who is also charged with first-degree murder and armed criminal action for Becki Dillard's murder, is scheduled to stand trial in March.
Debra Dillard will be sentenced on April 8th, but it will merely be a formality on the armed criminal action charge because the only sentence available on a first-degree murder conviction is life without the possibility of parole.  Her trial was moved from Howell County to Wright County on a change of venue.


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I am in school for criminal justice and i would love to submit you some interview questions for a project. Can I email them to you?

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Look forward to them, Sarah!

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Nope u cant

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Nope u cant

Justin Dillard said...

If I find that you have mentioned my name my wife's name and my mother's name or my children's name I promise you will be sued

Heather Moses said...

Justin, I hate to tell ya buddy but ur name and ur poor wife whom u failed to protect and ur murderous mother's deplorable name is all over the tv so u just need to deal with it!!!

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Get over over yourself. Are you suing all the newspapers, and news stations that have covered your wife's demise? I'd say that's a no. I'd also dare say you haven't the time nor money to try and sue this young woman, and if you did, you would lose. Continue on in your fantasy world.

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^^^Sounds like a real gem of a person.

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Justin Dillard, you are a uneducated mama's boy punk. You should be in prison just like your mother. Bottom line is, you got away with murder!

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Have fun trying to retain a lawyer for that.