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Baker in a campaign picture (l) and after her arrest in 2009
An attorney from Berryville, Arkansas, who was caught selling methamphetamine out of her law office in October of 2009 has lost her license to practice law and has been sentenced to ten years in prison.

Cindy M. Baker, 37, who now lives in Reeds Spring, MO, admitted that she sold meth to a confidential informant who had paid for the drugs with marked money provided by undercover officers.

Baker, who is now pregnant, will spend the next four years (six years of her sentence was suspended) at the Department of Community Corrections.  She will then be placed on 14 years of supervised probation. The judge hearing Baker's case told her that if she failed to complete the terms of her sentence she will be incarcerated for 14 years.

"It just shows you what drugs can do to you no matter what your career is," said Sheriff Bob Grudek.  "Professional people and everyday people are affected......drugs don't discriminate."
Jason Devron Campbell (SCSO)

In an unrelated case involving Baker, her boyfriend, Jason Devron Campbell, 40, was shot nine times after he allegedly chased Baker with a knife to her sister's home in Reed Spring following a domestic disturbance on December 15th.
When no one inside the sister's house would open the door for him, he kicked it in and was shot by a 39 year-old man inside the residence.  


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