2:13 PM
Polk County Sheriff's Deputy Ron Routh
A Polk County Sheriff’s deputy getting ready to start his shift was found dead in the parking lot of the county jail last night (12-7-10.)

Sheriff Steve Bruce says another deputy noticed that Deputy Ron Routh's car was running, but it didn't appear that anyone was inside the cruiser, “When he run up to the car he found him [Routh]slumped in the seat,” Bruce said. 

Routh, 59, of Dunnegan, was retired from the Navy and had undergone quadruple bypass surgery five years ago.  Bruce says it appears the deputy died of an apparent heart attack.

Sheriff Bruce says Routh was a seventeen year veteran of his office and had worked road patrol, extraditions and at one time was the lead officer in the county jail.  "In my mind he was dressed and in the line of duty when he died."


Anonymous said...

No disrespect intended, however, the title is missleading.

Rick said...

In 1991 I was a young police officer in Bolivar, MO. Ron started soon after I did, as a dispatcher, right after his retirement as a Lieutenant Commander in the US Navy. He was always professional, and a family man.

RIP in Deputy Routh, and God speed be with you.