Walter E. Baker (mug shot SCSO)

A man from Ozark has been sentenced to fifteen years in prison after pleading guilty to shoving a rifle through a mans eye in May of 2009.

According to court documents, Travis H. Gouge and some friends had left Gouge's home in McCord Bend when a pickup truck blocked them on a narrow road.  Stone County Prosecutor Matt Selby says that's when Walter E. Baker, 23, jumped out of the truck with shotgun and fired into the air.  He then approached the passenger side of the vehicle threatened Gouge, then shoved the barrel of the weapon though his eye socket. 

When Gouge's friends saw the gun they bolted from the vehicle and Gouge crawled over the front seat and drove himself to the sheriff's office in Galena for help. 

Two other people who were with Baker the night of the assault are also charged with first degree assault and armed criminal action:

Teresa Lynn Bunnell (mug shot SCSO)

Teresa Lynn Bunnell, 39, of Galena is scheduled to stand trial in April of next year. 

Walker John Erwin (mug shot SCSO)
Walker John Erwin, 25, of Ponce De Leon is also scheduled for trial next year.


Anonymous said...

Regarding Walter Baker. One needs to know Walter Baker spent 2 years in the county jail awaiting trial. Why is this well lets imagine could it have been a waiting game. The judge that resided this case was also a witness. That is to say the least Ridiculous that he did not step down. As for Mr Selby it needs to be known he set a rapist free that Raped Walter bakers mother a few short years before. Making me think he could have a vendetta against the Baker Family. Dig and see what you find I am wagering you as well as all Missourians are either afraid to or just do not care that the Missouri Constituion is a joke in stone and Taney county Missouri. but I am observing and recording.

Anonymous said...

People need to know the truth.

The victim could not identify his attacker.

There was no gun residue found on Walter Bakers hands.

Walter Baker was told the night before court he would spend 25 years in prison if he did not plea.

Walter was given several drugs by Stone county the night before trial.

The gun that was supposedly used was never found.

No burns on the victim.

Lets use common sense if someone fires a warning shot and approaches your vehicle it would be the normal response to crouch in the seat or try to drive away.

The victim is a drug dealer who has hurt many people.

The victim was a suspect in a young girls murder in Stone county.

The victim is known for carrying a fire arm a small pistol.

Something does not add up with this case.

Rumor has it Walter walked to the victims window and had a pistol pulled on him the gun did not go off so Walter or Walker took the weapon from the man and hit him with it.

Walker fled to Virginia while Walter Baker went in and spoke with authorities.

I think someone needs to really look into this case.

Neither Walker or Teresa have been charged.

One witness said he saw a man with dark glasses at the scene.

Walker has eye problems and wears dark glasses.

The prosecutor in the case does not have many jury trial in Galena strange he always gets a plea.

Too bad Walter didn't take it to trial because NO jury would have convicted him and the prosecutor knew this.

Anonymous said...

Interesting link about the case.

Anonymous said...

Everybody with a brain knows it was wally give me a break people .The idiot jumped out of the truck with huge ski googles on huge ski gloves and a hoodie with a shotgun like an idiot cuz he was scared to fight so he went and got a like a bitch.Multiple witnesses including witnesses that were in the car as well as people slowing down and watching in this small town everybody knows everybody AND HE PLEAD GUILTY SO YEA LETS USE " COMMON SENSE HERE PEOPLE ACCEPT HES A LOSER AND MOVE ON.NOT TO MENTION THE OTHER LOSERS WALLY WAS WITH RAN AND WENT INTO HIDING INNOCENT PEOPLE DONT RUN AND HIDE .AAALLLL GUILTY!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I would like to respond to the Anonymous poster.

I have every document on the case and no where in any of the documents were ski gloves and a hoodie mentioned by LE>

Also Walter Baker was a boxer and weighed almost 200 lbs.
He certainly did not need a gun to defend him self against 135 lb Travis Gouge.
As for 30 yr old Gouge he is a drug addict and the prosecutor was worried about his testimony as well as his 17 yr.old girlfriends.
A week prior Gouge had beaten the 17 yr old up badly.

Unfortunately Gouge from years of meth addiction was not reliable to go on the stand.His gf was busted before trial with drugs,and Gouge from years of meth use could not even make a coherent sentence.

The two other suspects did flee Gouges gf spent the night with Walker Irwin the same night of the incident.
There were witnesses who would have gladly taken the stand on Walter's behalf.

Walter was attending a drug rehab meeting 35 miles away from the crime scene.
The director was to testify on Walters behalf because he watched Walter sign in.

Gouges gf said she was afraid of Gouge and that he carried a pistol.
Gouge more than likely did carry a gun has so many enemies and was such a tiny man and completely ate up from drug abuse.

One more interesting point when the detective walked out to question Mr. Baker his brother was with him,the detective looked at Walter's brother and said you two look so much alike.
Walter has 5 brothers they are all two tears apart and look alike.

Walter did plead guilty the evening before trial many people think he is protecting someone.
Walter has received hundreds of letters from so many good people and is so well liked,

After Walter plead out he was told by one of the deputies who liked him that the the county did not have one shred of evidence on him.
The deputy handed Walter a ten dollar bill as he left the county jail and wished him well.

I think Walter Baker is an innocent man.

Anonymous said...

I remember Walters mother she is a good woman who done the best she could under the circumstances.

The man that raped her was named Louie Hicks he broke into the families home as they were sleeping.

Her attacker is on the Stone county sex offender list and received two years probation.

I was neighbor of the Bakers and have the up most respect for the family.
If I remember correctly several organizations were called and it took Stone county two years to get the rapist into a court of law.
He plead guilty because dna was found from him on Mrs. Baker at the emergency room the night she was raped by knife point.

The Gouge fellow is related to the Hicks rapist.