Frank Coito (mug shot TCSO)

A Branson man has pleaded guilty to possession of drugs that were smuggled inside a jar of peanut butter two years ago.

UPS notified officers with the COMET drug task force on August 4, 2008, that they were in possession of a package containing drugs that was to be delivered to 24-year-old Frank Coito.

Taney County chief assistant prosecutor Chris Lebeck says the drug task force took possession of the package and discovered sixty blue pills of Oxycontin hidden inside a ziplock bag inside a jar of peanut butter. An undercover officer with COMET delivered the package to Coito that contained a cell phone charger, a can of green beans, a can of corn, and the jar of peanut butter with the drugs hidden inside of it.
Taney County Chief Assistant Prosecutor Chris Lebeck

At the residence officers confiscated drug paraphernalia and located a tracking slip for the package. As he was being arrested, Coito told the COMET officer posing as a UPS driver, “You have got to be kidding me. You don’t know what I have been through trying to get that package.”

Coito, who pleaded guilty without a plea agreement, is scheduled to be sentenced October 21st.


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