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Mayor Tim McKinney (mug shot WCSO)

Another mayor in the Ozarks wants voters to decide if he should retain his office or be replaced after spending time behind bars for driving while intoxicated.

Tim McKinney has been the mayor of Berryville, Arkansas, for the past twenty years and says he is a recovered addict who wants voters to give him a second chance.

Last year McKinney spent 53 days in jail after pleading guilty to two unrelated DWI cases and pot possession. He served out his jail term for the Carroll County conviction in Washington County after agreeing to privately pay for his room and board.

The Berryville city council did not ask McKinney to step down from office after his convictions, now voters will decide if McKinney serves another term.

In February of this year the mayor of Nixa, MO, Brian Hayes was impeached after he pleaded guilty to driving drunk in June of 2009. Hayes ran for re-election in April of this year but was defeated by builder Sam Clifton.


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