For several years now I have bought Memory Lane milk, I don't mind paying a little extra for a quality product and supporting a homegrown business.

I was turned on to the product by a guy I used to do a radio show with. When I first laid eyes on the glass bottle I knew it was gonna be good. It was a throw back to my childhood when the milk man left the best tasting milk in the same kind of bottles next to our front door when I was a little girl.

But Memory Lane puts that milk to shame! They have the best chocolate milk I have ever tasted. It's like drinking chocolate ice cream....but better! Yeah, there's strawberry, but the bottle I covet is CHOCOLATE!
In May of 2009, I, as well as many folks throughout the Ozarks, were bummed out when production at Memory Lane was halted after their plant in Fordland was hit by a tornado. Where was I going to get my chocolate know the one that even a candy bar or girl scout cookie can't fix?
But now, they're back (you have to say it like Carol Ann in the Poltergeist movie.) People throughout the Ozarks will once again be able to savor the sweet flavor of the little dairy that could, and did, as the first bottles of milk off the new production line were delivered to stores on June 25th, and sold out instantly. I think they will probably have to increase production, or somehow find a way to coax their cows to give them more milk, as I anticipate it will continue to fly off store shelves.

Here's an easy trick for you on cold winter nights (or days)--warm a mug full of the chocolate milk in the microwave (I thin mine out a little with white milk) add marshmallows and you've got the best tasting cocoa in the world! Oh, at Christmas you have to add their Egg Nog to your shopping cart. Take my word for it, add a little rum or your favorite liquor to it and you will not be disappointed. Just make sure and leave enough for Santa!
We are going to have a problem in this household. You see if no one sneaks into the bottle it can last me a few just need a little sip to satisfy the ML craving. However, I guarantee you now that the good folks over at ML are producing again it will be awhile before my family will be able to just drink one glass. It really is UDDERLY AMAZING!!

I wonder if they would send a blogger/reporter a gift certificate?


Darin Codon said...


This reminds me of a poem from the turn of the century. I read it in a textbook when I was in elementary school. The poem is from the turn of the century addressing the promise of the passage from an agrarian culture.

"Carnation milk is the best in the land, here I stand with a can in my hand. No tits to pull no hay to pitch you just put a hole in the son-of-a-bitch."

There ain't nothin' like the old-timey stuff. It's best when you can pull some black market non-pasteurized stuff.