10:01 AM
Kevin Aaron Todd mug shot

A jury in McDonald County has convicted a Neosho man of forcible rape, forcible sodomy, first-degree assault and armed criminal action for an attack on his estranged wife in November of 2009.

Kevin Aaron Todd's wife called authorities from a neighbors house and told them she had been held for over twelve hours against her will by Todd who raped her, beat her, sexually assaulted her with miniature baseball bat and poked her more than twenty times with a pronged B-B-Q fork. At some point during the assault, he tied the 56 year-old woman up and left her in a bathroom while he went to buy more liquor.

The woman had multiple stab wounds, a broken finger and two collapsed lungs when she escaped and fled naked to the neighbors house when Todd fell asleep.

Attorney's for Todd say he is a paranoid schizophrenic who thought he had died and the devil had taken over his body when he assaulted his wife.

Todd, was convicted of raping an underage girl in California in 1979. He served nine years in prison and was released on parole in June of 1991. He first registered as a sex offender in Missouri in July 2006.

The jury recommended that Todd be sentenced to life in prison for the assault (life is 30 years in the state of Missouri,) 80 years for the rape, 90 years for the sodomy, 50 years for the armed criminal action, and seven years for felonious restraint. The three day trial was moved from Newton County on a change of venue.

Todd is scheduled to be sentenced on September eighth.