4:21 AM
Donald Keck (mug shot CCSO)

A man from Highlandville could be sentenced to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to conspiracy to murder his parents last year.

Christian County Prosecutor Ron Cleek says his office reached a plea agreement with Donald Keck, 26, in the murder for hire case in which the defendant's parents had heavy input.

Christian County Prosecutor Ron Cleek

According to the probable cause statement filed with the charges, Keck told undercover officers he would pay them $50,000 within a week of collecting on his parents life insurance policies. Keck drew the "hit men" a map of the house and said “he wanted them to kill his parents and burn the house down so the fire department would come and find the bodies.”

Keck wanted the murders committed on Oct. 7, 2009, and told the bogus hit men they could steal a flat-screen television and tools from a van parked in the driveway to make it appear that robbery was the motive that led to his parents deaths.

Cleek says Keck’s claims were lies because there were no insurance policies.

It is likely that Keck will be sentenced to 120 days shock time and given credit for time served when he is sentenced on September 17th.