Cynthia Stidham mug shot

A jury in Christian County has found a woman from Billings guilty of sexually molesting a family member in February of 2008.

Chrisitian County Prosecutor Ron Cleek says Cynthia Stidham, 41, had the four year-old boy touch her inappropriately and she would fondle the little boy. The little boy told caseworkers that Stidham told him, "Now don't tell anyone or you'll be in big trouble."
Christian County Prosecutor Ron Cleek

Cleek says all of the children were removed from the Stidham home and placed in protective custody. "You always hear about men molesting children, well women do it do. I want everyone that lives in Christian County to know that it doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman, if you molest a child in my county, I'm going to prosecute you."

A jury has recommended that Stidham be sentenced to 12 years in prison when she is sentenced by Judge Mark Orr on August 13th.


Judgement Recovery said...

Very strange story, really I never heard that a women molested to anyone. I am really shocked to read the fact. no one is safe in this world now.
I feel shame that a women do it. she is liable for hate only.