The family of a Marshfield High School senior found dead at a relatives house over the weekend has been hit again with tragedy.

A family member tried to wake Dwight Adam Stewart, 18, on Saturday morning but he was already dead. Webster County Sheriff Roye Cole says Stewart had been at several gatherings Friday night and preliminary autopsy results show he had been drinking, smoking pot and had taken prescription pain pills.

Stewart, who recently lost his father in a traffic accident, was scheduled to graduate this summer.

Cole says the exact cause of Stewart's death won't be known until toxicology results come back in four to six weeks. Cole says Stewart had recently been complaining about headaches and it is possible that he may have had a brain hemorrhage.

"We had an autopsy done Saturday and the results appear to be consistent with a drug overdose. There is a very slight chance that he died of a brain hemorrhage, so, until toxicology results come back, we won't know,” said Cole.

Cole says investigators are talking with people who had been at the gatherings with Stewart and other witnesses and that multiple people could be charged with distribution of a controlled substance and/or providing alcohol.

"People need to realize that if a person dies from drugs they've bought or were given, the people that supplied them can be facing some very serious charges in a court of law."


Anonymous said...

Hopefully, those responsible get what they have coming to them, a long life in prison!!! Not only buy alcohol for a minor, giving him pills, and then when he passes out they take him home and leave him to die.
Dwight was a good kid and didn't deserve to die like this. Those who were there need to come clean and turn in the one responsible or we're coming for all of you!!!!

Anonymous said...

its a sad case, however i don't believe anyone put a gun to his head, this is a hard lessen for all people young and old alike,PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, PEOPLE IF HE DIDN'T WANT IT WOULD OF NEVER HAPPENED, and i'am sorry that this young man will be 18 forever, parents talk to your kids!!!don't be their friend, be their damn parent

Myra said...

If he took pills, we realize that Dwight wasn't forced to take them, but we also lost our dad. Who so ever gave him the drugs took advantage of his state of mind, and his emotional distress. Saying that he should be to blame for his own actions in this case is pretty much pointless. He was a good boy. He was an amazing person. If you don't know the full story, then you shouldn't speak like that. Everyone who knew him knows he didn't want this to happen. He was even ashamed of the things he was doing, and was doing anything to get out of here, and away from these things. He was joining the Navy once he graduated. All he wanted to do at this point in his life was to staighten up, and move on. He was at a very impressionable place in his life, and if someone says, "Hey, do this. It will make you feel better." or anything to that affect. A child, would know no better than to do what they say. Dwight had a rough time growing up these last few years. He was still hurting, and people took advantage of that.

Erika said...

I agree with Myra. Dwight was an amazing person. He didn't deserve to die but i know he wanted to get out of here and make something of his self. All he wanted to do at this point in his life was to staighten up, and move on. I just wish this wouldn't of happened this way. It is sad that someone has to give a minor pills because they want to have fun.