9:25 AM
Shannon J. Kennedy mug shot

A woman from Rogersville has been charged with allegedly stealing more than $25,000 from the Logan-Rogersville PTA.

Shannon J. Kennedy, 39, served as president of the Rogersville PTA during the 2006-2007 and 2007-2008 school years, she was also involved in fundraising for the organization over the last eight years.
On April 15th a board member of the P. T. A. contacted Webster County Sheriff Roye Cole about missing funds from the Rogersville Parent and Teacher Association (P.T.A.)

The board member said the P.T.A. board had become aware of several financial discrepancies during a recent audit of P.T.A. financial records.

During an interview at the Rogersville police department with Webster County Sheriff Roye Cole on April 18th, Kennedy allegedly admitted that she stole money from the PTA and admitted "she knew it was wrong."

In the probable cause statement Detective John Everett writes that while Kennedy was being questioned she said, “If given the chance to do it all over I wouldn’t even be part of the money and all, having all that to do.”

Kennedy said she took the money to pay bills and for “just getting by.”

She reportedly bilked the money from several PTA fundraisers, including a “Fun Night” event, book sales, sales of Wildcat Wear and from ticket sales for Springfield Cardinals games.

Kennedy told the Sheriff Cole and a detective, “Did I take some from here and there? Yes, I did. I did. I admit it. You know, I just, I still try to do my best to, to help them out and to make it better, and, but you know, like you said, I got over my head. And here, here is the big thing, my husband doesn’t even know, he doesn’t know any of this, you know, this is, this is all me.”

On Monday May 3rd, officers met with the PTA board and were given the list of financial discrepancies according to an audit.“The total amount of indiscrepancies from May 2007 to October 2009 is approximately $38,367.50 (including approximately $1,700 to checks written to Sam’s Club).” Because Sam’s Club is located in Greene County, those checks cannot be included in the Webster County charge.

The audit shows several accounts where money is missing, more than $9,500 is missing from magazine sales and checks paid to Kennedy for reimbursement where no receipt was provided range from $44 and $274.

Kennedy said she had intended to pay money back, but “once it gets past a certain point, you just {say}, oh well they, nobody has seen this."

Kennedy was released from the Webster County jail after posting $25,000 bond.