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Peter "Pete" Newman

The sentencing for a former Christian camp counselor who pleaded guilty in February to multiple sex crimes involving children has been postponed.

Peter "Pete" Newman's attorney, Tom Carver says, "Some witnesses were not be able to attend the scheduled April 30th sentencing. Judge (Mark) Orr rescheduled it for June 9th."

Attorney Tom Carver

Newman was charged last September with seven felony sex crimes involving underage boys who were campers at Branson based Kanakuk Kamp, a Christian sports youth camp. In November, Taney County Prosecutor Jeff Merrell filed five additional felony sex crimes involving underage boys against Newman.

Taney County Prosecutor Jeff Merrell

Newman pleaded guilty February 18th to two counts of first-degree statutory sodomy, three counts of second-degree statutory sodomy, and three counts of enticement of a child.

Merrell says, "A witness for the defense could not make it on the 30th---everything is in place on our part. It is of no benefit to the victims to drag this case out, but we will play the cards that we've been dealt."

The maximum sentence that Newman could receive is 171 years prison--the minimum is 5 years.

The state of Colorado will likely extradite Newman to La Plata County after his sentencing. He is wanted there on a warrant for another alleged sex crime against an underage boy who was a camper at Kanakuk's Colorado (now named KIVU) location. That court record is sealed until Newman appears in court there.

Sources close to investigations into Newman tell The Sentinel that other states are looking at Newman and his alleged illegal activity with boys in addition to Colorado.

Newman is being held without bond in the Taney County jail while he awaits sentencing.


Anonymous said...

Disappointing, but not surprising.

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised either...what possible reason could the "witness" have for not being there? heart surgery, volcano...curious. I guess it is ok for the rest of us to ask off work, book plane tickets, etc. to plan to be there weeks in advance...more of the same games and lack of regard for these boys...so predictable.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely unbelievable. He plead GUILTY already. Give me a break MR. Newman just an attempt to continue your manipulation as usual. I sure hope this is no indication of Judge Orr's leaning in this case...Can everyone please just wake up and smell the coffee...He is GUILTY and NOT GOING to change and needs to be sentenced to the MAXIMUM!!!

Anonymous said...

What time and exactly where will the sentencing take place?

Kathee Baird said...

June 9th @ 9:00 a.m. in Taney County.


Anonymous said...

Taney County Courthouse
132 David Street
Forsyth, MO. 65653

Thank you, Kathee. Is the above the correct address? Would there be any difficulty in coming to the sentencing hearing?

Anonymous said...

Witness for the defense? For the defense? What right does a sick predator who already confessed guilt have over us families????
I just hate the legal system so much. He is guilty, he (finally) admitted that, please away with him so we can put all of this behind us and be healed!
Signed anonymous because my son is one of the (47?) victims. Yes, you read that right, 47+

Anonymous said...

Umm... he has the right because this isn't Iran. There are proceedings here.

Anonymous said...

Kathee: please, please attend the hearing tomorrow and report or blog on it. Thousands of interested families will be seeking information on the proceedings and outcome.

Anonymous said...

Is the sentencing going to be live online for us to see?

Anonymous said...

Kathee, PLEASE update us as soon as you know anything. Thousands of us are relying on you and Randy for information.