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Don M. Owens

A man who is being held on two drug warrants out of Florida is suspected of leaving a bomb in a backpack at Branson Landing early this morning (02-18-10.)

A security guard found Owens, 35, of Polk County, Fla., attempting to break into an ATM near Towne Square around midnight. When the guard approached the man bolted, leaving the backpack. Owens, who was accompanied by a woman from Missouri, fled into the Hilton Promenade hotel where the couple were staying.

Owens was charged with possession of a controlled substance (meth) in Taney County late Thursday afternoon afternoon. Taney County Prosecutor Jeff Merrell has also charged Owens as a prior and persistent drug offender.

The guard positively identified Owens from surveillance camera footage from inside the hotel.

A night auditor at the hotel told authorities she recognized the couple and pointed to the woman who was on a computer in the hotel lobby.

While the man and woman were being questioned, they told investigators that there was another explosive device in their car parked in a parking garage adjacent to Branson Landing.

Branson police officers removed the car from a nearby parking garage and have uncovered evidence that is "pertinent to the case" and could result in additional charges being filed.

The woman arrested with Owens has not yet been identified.

Jerry Adams, spokesman for the City of Branson, has confirmed that one explosive device was detonated by the bomb squad with the Springfield Fire Department early this morning in the parking lot of Bass Pro Shops on the south end of the Landing.

Springfield Fire Marshal Kevin Binam told The Ozarks Sentinel that the first device was made with cardboard tubes and that it had a fuse. Adams said that the "device" that was found in the car actually turned out to be firecrackers.

The car has been moved to an impound area as evidence and charges will be determined by the Taney County Prosecutor," Adams said. "The garage and Branson Landing Boulevard are open again and the Landing is open for business as usual."

A motive for the alleged attempted bombing has not been released yet and as of late this afternoon neither Owens or the unidentified woman have been charged with any crime related to the attempted bombing.

About ten hours after the incident started unfolding Branson Landing was open for business and the public was in no danger. "All of the people who work there have been allowed to go to work," Adams said.

Hilton Promenade Hotel at Branson Landing

Some guests staying at the hotel were moved for safety reasons because of the bomb scare.

The probable cause statement related to the drug charges filed against Owens in Taney County state that investigators found methamphetamine in a styrofoam cup next to the coffee maker in room N321 that the couple was sharing at the Hilton Promenade Hotel. Cops received consent to search the room from managers of the establishment.

Merrell is charging Owens as a prior and persistent offender because of two previous drug convictions out of the state of Florida. On March 25, 1999 he was convicted of possessing a controlled substance without a prescription; and on July 22, 1999, Owens pleaded guilty to possessing methamphetamine with the intent manufacture, sell or deliver.

Owens' girlfriend has been released from jail and will not face charges connected to the bomb scare according to Branson police chief Carroll McCollough.

Reports related to the alleged bombing "could be handed over to the prosecutors office by the beginning of next week for the determination of charges, according to Branson Police Chef Carroll McCollough. With the out of state warrants and our bond, he's not going anywhere."

Owens is being held without bond on the out-of-state warrants. Judge Tony Williams set Owens' bail at $100,000 on the Taney County charges.


Just Me said...

Thank God this monster is off the street!! He's a piece of shit!! We know him personally,unfortunately!!He's wreaked havoc on the lives of everyone he's come in contact with,including his girlfriend,Michelle and their 3 year old son,Dillon in Florida. GOOD JOB TO THE LAW ENFORCEMENT IN BRANSON MISSOURI!!!!

Unknown said...

Don Owens, Donnie, as I call him, and I were very close at one time. A little less than a year ago. The caring, stand-up guy, who I called my best friend for a long time, turned out to be a cold, heartless, selfish beast that I am ashamed to say I know. He has no morals at all. Will do ANYTHING to further along his criminal career, and does not care who he hurts along the way. He has an awful addiction to pain killers and meth. I have never seen anybody consume the amount of drugs that he did, and live! This cold, calculated, predatory piece of shit deserves everything he gets. Karma is a bad thing, and will eventually get revenge. I am sad for Donnie, as he is a very intelligent human being. If he had used his brain for the good things in life, he could be anything he put his mind to.He has a beautiful baby boy that will never know his Daddy. Such a waste... I blame alot on his drunk mother. She is a trainwreck who raised a train wreck.

Taylor Rene'e said...

He has two kids. One yes, being his son Dillon and then me... His 16 year old daughter, Taylor. We may share the same blood and look a like but he is not my fatherr! I used to think he was amazing because I only saw him as I wanted to see him. I was very blind and young. I strived for his attention but when I realised something so terrible, to any little girls mind, that in reality I wasn't what he truly wanted. I walked away. And the person I am now is because of my mother. I was 3 months old when my mother told him "If you don't someone on you 24/7 telln' you what the right and wrong thing to do is, your gonna go to jail" (She was right) She feared for my future and says to this day I saved her but really we saved eachother. She packed 1 suitcase and me, leaving everything else behind: Their house, cars, and marriage. and flew us 3,500 Miles away from him. He can blame anyone he wants. But in reality(somewhere he never wanted to be) we make our own choices in life.

Unknown said...

I've know Donnie for about 6 years, he has made some mistakes but he is a decent guy. I've seen him help people even when he didn't have it to give. We all mistakes and we all deserve compassion and forgiveness. Donnie included

Unknown said...

I've known Donnie for a while and yes, he's made some mistakes, but we all have. He was always a decent guy as far as I could tell, I've seen him help people even when he didn't have it to give. We all make mistakes and deserve compassion,forgiveness and a second chance.

Realest said...

A statement left in the comment box Since there are people on her taking it apon themselves to try and pretray someone as a monster or a worthless human being. I've learned a person that lives in a glass home should not threw rocks. As for Teresa Here's a quick question who was there for you when a known Meth cook caught your house on fire. Or do we recall when your daughter was busted in an orlando hotel manufacturing meth who was the one person that helped. Now that was such a monster!!! That should give you something to think about while your out there in that little paradise. Now as for
Karen well you sure did have quite a little paragraph to write. I recall someone paying your bills for a few months when you were down and out, not to mention supporting your drug habits to pain pills and meth did this opionion of him generate when he decided not to support a fourty year old something worthless ass any more or was it that he would have sex with you. Its ashamed that you can even look at yourself in the mirror knowing that troubled young girls would look at you for guidance and you turned around and pimped them out to benfit you. Just like I said never throw rocks if you live in a glass house cause there is alot more that could be posted Fuck with it if you want Cause it no fun when the rabbit has the GUN.......

Anonymous said...

My names Taylor-Rene'e Owens, I'm 16.
I'm Don M. Owens (Donnie) daughter and I know my Father has made mistakes and hurt a lot of people. But everyone makes mistakes. He just so happened to have really messed up. I love my father even though he could never look at me and say he loved me I know he did. The path he chose involved a lot of Innocent people and he's paying for it now. Don't make it any harder then it is for him. Just remember that everyone is somebody in Gods eyes. I just hope he knows that I love him and he really did mess up his life. I wish you would have just loved me and been a Father to me. . .
Taylor-Rene'e Owens

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If anyone wants to contact Donnie you can write him at:

Don Owens 1209090
2727 Highway K Bonne Terre, MO 63628

Dad said...

Taylor I love you and I think about you all the time, your'e always on my mind.



Anonymous said...

To all the people who have such hurtfull words to say about Donnie.....YOU OBVIOUSLY, DO NOT KNOW HIM. Donnie has been a part of my life for more than 23 years. YES, he has made some stupid mistakes, but he is ONE TRUE MAN, who has been there for me through thick and thin. He would give the shirt off his back for anyone in need. Not only being one hell of a stand up guy, he is by far the most intelligent person I know. When I am with him, I feel a sense of security and safeness that is unexplainable. I know that he will ALWAYS, ALWAYS take care of me. I also want to make clear that Donnie knows that he has screwed up and has not always been the best father, BUT......I KNOW FOR A FACT that he loves his baby girl Taylor with all his heart, along with his little boy, IT KILLS HIM TO KNOW THAT HE CAN'T BE THERE BY THEIR SIDE. But I can assure you that his children are in his thoughts and prayers everyday, and hopefully one day they will see that he is only human, who made wrong choices, but has a heart of gold. Taylor & Dylan, your Dad loves you both soooo VERY VERY MUCH. I can not imagine my life without Donnie in my life. He makes me and my life "Complete". I am lost out here without him, but I know that our day to be together again is soon to come, and this time, there will be no mistakes or screwups...so watch out world, you will see the man I have known and loved my whole life soar to the top, just like he always has, but this time, no one nor anything will stop us from climbing to the top! I love you Donnie, and all these people saying these horrible things doesn't even matter, because either they don't know you, or they have been lied to and been given false information. Oh, and to the "prized possession" that mentioned that all this is probably to blame on his drunk mother.....GO TO HELL, because that woman IS THE REASON HE IS SUCH A WONDERFUL PERSON, and also my best friend. She is a SOLID ROCK, that has done anything and everything for her family which includes me. I love you Cathy & don't forget your other wonderful making Josh! I miss you guys with all my heart. We will all be together as ONE HAPPY FAMILY AGAIN REAL, REAL SOON!! LOVE YOU GUYS! XOXOXO