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Cindy Baker mug shot

A lawyer from Berryville, Arkansas has found herself on the wrong side of the law.

Carroll County Sheriff Bob Grudek says in a news release that Attorney Cindy Baker allegedly sold a gram of methamphetamine for $200 to a confidential informant last Wednesday (10-28-09) at her office/residence at 508 Eureka Avenue.

Later that same day the same confidential informant allegedly purchased meth from Mynor Jimmy Aleman-Gonzales, a major supplier of meth in northwest Arkansas, according to authorities.

Mynor Jimmy Aleman-Gonzalez mug shot

When Aleman-Gonzalez was busted cops seized $1,000 in cash from him.....some of those bills were marked from the buy/bust of Baker earlier in the day.

Cops served a search warrant and arrested Baker after a second buy at her office on Friday (10-30-09.) Grudek says Baker was carrying a marked $100 bill that the confidential informant used during the second drug buy.
Baker is also facing charges of delivery of a controlled substance, conspiracy, delivery of a controlled substance near a childcare facility, possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia.


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This girl looks just like a LION!

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Lol. Yes she does. Even in her prime days, when she actually looked pretty good, I always referred to her mane. Sad.