3:48 PM

A former Nixa firefighter who was facing child molestation charges is now facing additional charges related to crimes against children.

Christian County Prosecutor Ron Cleek filed charges against Michael "Keith" Benson (a.) today (09-25-09) for statutory sodomy and exploitation of a minor after authorities found evidence of child pornography on his computer.

In July, Benson was charged with child molestation after an eight year-old girl told her mother that Benson molested her at a birthday party in February 20, 2008. The latest charges stem from an incident on the same date.

Cops searched Benson’s car and found a camera with 30 photographs. The mother of another eight-year-old girl says she could identify her child in the photographs. Investigators say the photographs were graphic and evidence of molestation.

The little girl also told her mom that she saw child porn on Benson's computer. Several other kids have come forward and made similar allegations against Benson.

After being told that he was being investigated for kiddie porn, Benson surrendered his computer to his lawyer, Dee Wampler.

Benson is on parole for distribution/manufacturing of a controlled substance and endangering the welfare of a child.

Bensons next court appearance is scheduled for October 20th in Christian County.