5:10 PM
I had to face it today, I have an addiction to the Internet.

After a frustrating day of not being able to get on the net because a fiber-optic line was cut by a construction crew, I thought that I was literally going to break out in hives if it wasn't fixed by nightfall.

Ahhhhh, the sweet merciful goddess of the Internet waved her magic wand at 4:27 and I was online!

I hurriedly typed in my email addy and amidst all the spam was this wonderful little nugget:

Hi Kathee

I’m just writing to let you know about a feature story we recently published on The Forensic Files titled, “Top 50 Forensic Science Blogs”. I thought you and your readers at The Crime Scene might be interested in having a look.

Let me know if you have any feedback, or feel free to leave a comment directly on the blog --


Jimmy Atkinson
The Forensic Files

WOW, I guess somebody does read my blog!

I have been frustrated with my blog lately thinking that I am the only one who reads it or really cares that it exists.

So, I want to say thank you to Mr. Atkinson for the honor, and to everyone else who takes the time to read The Crime Scene.



Kris in K.C.,Mo. said...

I am a compulsive,AVID reader of your blog. I love it.Looks like you have a lot of readers on that
Widjit thing? I appreciate all that
you do.Where do you get the time?
I don't foolishly think anymore
that there is nothing going on in
those small towns in Missouri!

Richard said...


Michael said...

You should use Google Analytics. It would show you how many visits you receive and from where. It would remove all doubt that there are lots of us who read your blog daily.

BikerGalForever said...

I, too, enjoy reading your blog. For some reason, I became fascinated reading true crime magazines and books years ago. Don't worry. I was not reading them for "how to do it" info; my admiration for the detectives and investigators continued to grow. Your blog reveals the criminal element right here in our beautiful, peaceful Ozarks. I have never forgotten a statement that Ann Rule made: we are all scared of the bhs ("bushy haired stranger") but are actually in more danger of letting our guards down and becoming a victim when the perpetrator looks friendly and normal. I have seen a lot of pictures on your blogs of people that I find it hard to imagine they are dangerous criminals until I read more about their crimes and guilty convictions. CONGRATULATIONS on doing a very good job and being rewarded with special recognition. Elaine