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An alleged murder suspect who hanged himself in the Douglas County jail last month is a suspected serial killer according to Sheriff Chris DeGase.

Christopher E. Revak was arrested on July 25 after cops got a phone tip telling them that they needed to take a closer look at the man for the March 2007 disappearance of Rene Marie Williams. That phone tip led authorities to an undisclosed farm where the search for Williams body continues.

Rene Williams (above)

What police glean in interviews with suspects usually sheds some light on where or what authorities should look for, but in this case, that won't happen.

After Revak was arrested that Saturday he invoked his fifth amendment right and refused to talk with investigators. By Sunday afternoon the chief suspect in Williams's homicide was found dead in his jail cell.....hanging from his jail issued jumpsuit.

Cops say that DNA evidence found at the crime scene and on a piece of Williams's clothing found in Revak's home belong to Williams and Revak.

DeGase says that he started delving into Revak's past to find out if there were any cases with similarities to the Williams case in places that Revak had previously lived or had family members. According to DeGase authorities from two states "to the north" are interested in Revak for at least four murders....one dating back to 1995.

One of those states in Wisconsin. Christopher Eric Revak was born on August 12, 1972 (his cousin, Christopher J. Revak, was born on February 7, 1972.) He grew up near Wisconsin Rapids, WI, and graduated with 470 other students from Lincoln High School in 1990.

According to online court records, Revak was convicted in Wood County, WI, seven times between 1990 and 1995. Five of those convictions were for disorderly conduct, one for driving while revoked, and the most serious charge, a felony, for resisting an officer was dismissed in a plea deal with prosecutors.

Christopher Revak @ 18 Mug Shot

Revak followed his girlfriend and the mother of his daughter, Jennifer Beamish, to Iowa. The family moved to Missouri in 2000. The two eventually married but divorced in 2002. At the time of his death Revak was married to Johanna Revak who is employed by the TCAD.

Revak was a volunteer firefighter in Strafford, MO, from 2001-2003. For the last six years Revak was employed as an EMT by the Taney County Ambulance District. Friends and colleagues say that it's hard to believe that the man they knew could be an alleged serial killer.

According to authorities, Chris Revak still had family and friends in Wisconsin and would make periodic trips back for visits.

Diedre Harm (above)

On June 10, 2006, 21 year-old Diedre Harm was seen talking with a man with a distinctive "tribal tattoo" at The Finish Line Bar in Wisconsin Rapids. She was the mother of an infant and was reported missing on June 11th after she didn't make it home. Harm's remains were found by hunters almost six months after her disappearance and her murder remains unsolved.

A Wood County Sheriff's Lieutenant says Revak has ties to Wisconsin Rapids and resembles a composite sketch of the person who was seen with Harm at The Finish Line on June 10th.

There are a couple of other women that have been killed that fit the Harm MO. Kelly Nolan went missing after visiting a bar on July 9, 2007, and Amber Creek was found dead in July of 1999.

There have been rumblings that the second state that authorities should direct their focus is Iowa. On June 27, 1995, Mason City news anchor, Jodi Huisentruit, vanished from the parking lot of her apartment complex.

The night before her disappearance Jodi had gone to 510 6th St #2 in Mason City to view a videotape of her birthday celebration. The home that belongs to that address is a duplex, and was the home of Huisentruit's friend John VanSice. Jennifer Beamish-Revak resided in the lower part of the duplex however when she lived there is the question.

Jodi Huisentruit (above)

Ronald J. Coticchio, an attorney represeting Jennifer Beamish-Revak, states that she did NOT reside in Iowa at the time of Huisentruit's disappearance, however, online records show that she resided at the 6th street address.

Some friends of Beamish-Revak say that Christopher Revak didn't even know that his girlfriend and mother of his child was living in Mason City.

Simple coincidence or is this the second state that Sheriff DeGase alluded to in his news conference last week? Or is it Ohio or Illinois as some tipsters have emailed me. We won't know until authorities start filling in the blanks.


Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or does this guy actually bear a resemblence to Anakin Skywalker? (And everybody knows what happened to him....)


GCook said...

Good to see you back. I missed the blog updates!

kodi toomey/williams said...

im sorry if this offendes anyone but he deserves to rot in hell for what he did to my mom and all the other women he killed.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your mom. I've been reading up on this psycho because his M.O fits a disappearance of a family member through marriage in Iowa. She went missing at 2am from a tavern in 2001. never found

Unknown said...

I was in prison with some of these scumbags.I hated looking at these pieces of shit.

Unknown said...

Hey kodi, it’s an old friend from high school. I’m sorry about your mother. I’d love to catch up sometime.

Anonymous said...

Did they ever confirm if Christopher revak had a tribal tattoo? Did Deidre harm's "friends" see the man she was talking to when they left the bar? Can't they remember what he looked like ? I wonder if they ever seen a picture of revak?

Anonymous said...

I watched the documentary and it was a male friend named Liam that went with her to the bar not her girlfriends, liam said he saw her talking to a man but he just took a glance. One of the bartenders said she recognized Christopher revak and even remember how strange he was acting that night noone said anything about revak having a tribal tattoo thou.