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UPDATE 5:45 p.m.:

Police responded to a motel in Branson at about 3:30 p.m. this afternoon and arrested 44 year-old Doyle Bertschy and 53 year-old Kenneth Sherrod, the last two men who escaped from jail in Kay County, OK, yesterday morning (07-02-09.)


Two of four jail escapees who broke out the skylight of the Kay County, Oklahoma, jail have been apprehended in Taney County.

The duo had been on the run for about seventeen hours when a cop in Branson pulled them over for careless and imprudent driving near Wal-Mart on the 76 strip. While the officer was talking to the driver of the stolen vehicle, the passenger, Benito Jose Bustos Jr.,bolted from the car and jumped over a retaining wall of Vista Plaza. The 45 year-old man broke both of his legs in his attempt to flee from officers.

Branson police chief Carroll McCullough says the driver, Ponca Green, 29, tried to strangle himself with his t-shirt while he was in a holding cell waiting to be booked into jail. He was taken to Skaggs hospital then transferred to a hospital in Springfield. Paperwork will be forwarded to the Taney County Prosecutor for filing of charges of tampering with a motor vehicle, driving while revoked and C&I driving.

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