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The weekend death of a high school student from Lebanon is under investigation by the LeClede County Sheriff's office.

Perry McClenahan, a junior at Lebanon High School, was found dead in his home on Saturday.

He and three friends were in the basement of the McClenahan family home Friday night. After Perry's parents had gone to bed upstairs they started playing video games and drinking beer and vodka.

Deputies with the LaClede County Sheriff's office were called to the home just outside of Lebanon on Saturday morning because the 16-year-old was unresponsive and cold to the touch. Investigators believe the boy had been dead for several hours.

An autopsy performed yesterday (04-19-09) by the Greene County Medical Examiner’s office found no signs of trauma on the boy's body, leading investigators to believe that the cause of death was probably caused by alcohol poisoning.

It will take several weeks for toxicology reports to come back before an official cause of death will be released.

Lebanon High School is providing counseling to students in the wake of McClenahan's death.

Funeral services for Perry McClenahan have been set for 2 p.m. Wednesday at Holman-Howe Funeral Home in Lebanon.

Detectives are continuing the investigation into McClenahan's death and are talking and taking statements from the friends who were at the party at McClenahan's home and those who knew what was going on.

The sheriff’s department say they have identified two people who allegedly supplied alcohol to the minors and it’s possible they could face charges, Sheriff Richard Wrinkle said.
The sheriff's department turned over video surveillance and receipts that shows two adults not related to Perry McClenahan buying booze for a group of minors.

Wrinkle says that his office will present their case to the prosecutors office who will determine what if any charges should be filed against whomever helped supply the teenagers with the alcohol.


paige lewis said...

this is such a tradegy. i was friends with Perry and he was such a nice kid. i miss him so much, as do many others. we love you Perry!!!!!!!!!