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The soldier from Fort Leonard Wood accused of killing another soldiers wife last year has been referred for court martial, the military equivalent of a criminal trial.

Specialist Jermaine Johnson is accused of killing Myria Silva last October after he became irate when another man texted the woman while they were having sex.

Prosecutors say that Johnson beat Myria up and told her he would take her to the hospital..... instead he took Silva on a rambling car ride, and slit the young mother's throat then dumped her body in an abandoned farmhouse near Niangua.

Johnson is scheduled to be arraigned next Thursday, March 5th, at 8 a.m. at Fort Wood where he will enter a plea.

Inside sources close to the case have indicated that Johnson is expected to plead guilty to Silva's brutal murder at a separate sentencing hearing in exchange for a sentence of life without the possibility of parole.

*****UPDATE: Johnson's arraignment was rescheduled for Friday March 6th at 1 p.m.

The formal araignment of a soldier stationed at Fort Leonard accused of killing a fellow soldiers wife was over in a matter of minutes.

Tiffany Wood spokeswoman for the post says the hearing for Spc. Jermaine Johnson lasted about 10 minutes.

On the advice of his attorney's Spc. Johnson deferred entering a plea.

What that means is that it gives Johnson and his attorney's a little longer to decide how they want to proceed to trial, and preserves any and all motions available to him under the military court.

If they decide they want a judge to hear the case, Colonel Charles Hayes will be the sitting judge. If they decide they want a group of Johnson's peers to hear the case then a jury of his peers will be assembled.

Johnson's trial is scheduled to begin on May 18th at the post.


Anonymous said...

Actually its not the 5th its the 6th at 1 pm

Anonymous said...

it's sad to know that a husband has to come back to find his WIFE is dead cause she was cheating on him. I feel sorry for him and the children.

maelillie51 said...

Mr. Jermaine Johnson is not murder he is the most sweeth cousin that I know. I am his cousin and I trust my little cousin in God's hand because I know God has all the power when man feels like he has the power in his mouth and pen and paper. I am praying for Mrs. Silvas family as well as all my family for my cousin. May God bless you all who read this

Anonymous said...

If Jermaine Johnson is not a murderer why is he in a prison? If not that was it the rape Myria was not there to defend her self.The onley words we herd came frome one man what he wanted us and the world to belive. Johnson Jermaine and that was what any rapist murderer would of said to. IT was concensual sex she wanted it too! isn't that where no means yes to a monster? All I know is Myria did not deserve jermain even putting his hands on her by no means. Lets not for get the facts.the murder the brutal beating of the face over and over knocking her out a 4"11 105lb girl, she wasn't even a women yet. Then thrown in to her own suv naked. where he rip and tworn her clothes off to have concensual sex. wright? Then threw her in a ditch in mid OCT didn't even have the desencey to cover her up while he took his trip to wallmart. She didn't have the strenth to stand up, or things would have went a lot differnt. Had we herd Myria's side of the story he faced death at first didn't he? do I need to say more. I think we all know what would of happen if she would of lived but no! again he had to stand over her and watch all of her blood spill out laid her in shame.Imagine all of this what was she thinking? why was her friend doing this to her? Will this be over soon? I'll never trust anouther man again. He's seen me with my babbies he knows they need me.And in no doubt he slices her throat by accident! he says. Now anyone who says this young beautiful lady got what she deserved. Oh lets not for get that he drove her suv with her limp lifeless body and dumped her like garbage in a abandoned farm house in the middle of no where. Oh yeah lets see he then went home got cleaned up, meaning blood stains on him and WENT!!! to work like nothing happen that morning.Oh God do I pray for the sick people saying Jermain was a good man he's not a murderer no he's one of many life robbers because when he took this mother, a daughter, a friend. He took our world. So next time a man friend ask you laddies if you want to go and have a drink somewhere. Think of Myria the girl who didn't get a second chance or the one who didn't get the chance to show the world how good of a person she was a wonderful mother who loved her children her family and friends. As far as her husband goes, enough said. Myria you are sadley missed I'll tell your babbies what a wonderful mother you were and how happy you were to be their mother, a proud mother, and how much you loved them. I promiss I'll keep you in their memories, and as well as mine. Entil we meat again.

Anonymous said...

No" I don't think it's sad because this man had to come home, because his wife was "supposivley" cheating.suppose he was too? I think It's sad people like you have to judge. How do you know they wern't seperated getting devorce. Tell me, lets judge him now when he came home who do you think he had to leave? Who do you think he was writing other than his wife wishing he was with her. Tell me what do you think? You people listing to a man jermaine johnson lets not for get brutley beat and murder among all other things. This girl that was suppose to be his friend lets not for get Myria wasn't his onley friend that was a girl. Iv'e read blogs that said finley he got what he deserves. What do you think that means? maybe you should blog about that. How everyone is putting this like Myria is the murderer not the victom . Jermain gave a sad sad story to get a lesser sentence to the best of my knowlage, what murderer wouldn't I call it comon since not a fact.Jermaine said he was sorry that Myria was a beautiful person inside and out actualy I hate to say this but Jermain talk highly of myria.The murderer who killed her had all nice things to say about her. Than her own husband. Weather it was all a act to let him live I know Myria didn't get the chance to say hey lets bargon can I go away enstead of my life being taken? no bargon for her. So at least have nice things to say when you speak of myria the women who was bruttley beaten murderd and beg for her life,the girl who her mother will waite everyday every hour by the window and every night by the phone Myria never went one day with out seeing talking and loving her momma.She was a onley child who had all the love a mother could give. Myria was her whole life, her heart bestfriends.

Unknown said...

The husband doesn't even let his girls see their Grandma... Myria and the girls were here whole life. I think he is just as cold and heartless as Jermaine. I never met you sweet Myria but a lot of our family misses you. You were only a yr older than I and from this point forward I don't think I will trust any guy friends. I don't think the sex was consensual because if it was why would you tell a friend to not let Jermaine know your whereabouts. Our family still misses and loves you and you are talked about often I wish I would have known you. I'm sending you love to Heaven sweet angel :) <3

Kathee Baird said...

@ Heather....if you're in touch with Katie, please have her call me at 417-369-2616 or message me her # at meyer_news@hotmail.com

I think of her and Myria often.