12:15 PM
An immigrant from Thailand was busted in Joplin yesterday (1-29-09) on charges of possessing and distributing kiddie porn.

After a five week undercover investigation conducted jointly by the Joplin Cyber Crimes Unit, Barry County Sheriff's Department, and the Cassville Police Department, 36 year-old Sira Noitip was arrested at his Joplin residence.

Authorities allegedly found several photographs and videos of children in various stages of undress in Noitps home, and on his personal computer.

Cops say that Noitip is in the United States on a tourist visa and that officers with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have placed a detainer on Noitip.

A news release from the Joplin Police Department says that the United States Attorney's Office in Springfield is in the process of filing federal child porn charges against Noitip as well.

Noitip is scheduled to be transferred to federal custody next Monday.