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A former health trainer at St. Johns Health Tracks Facility on South Fremont been charged with seventeen felony charges of invasion of privacy.

Scott Johnson, who has pled not guilty, was fired from St. Johns in October after he allegedly convinced four females, one of them currently 16, to weigh themselves naked, while he secretly video recorded them. He told the females involved that he needed them to undress in order for him to obtain a more accurate weight.

Johnson could face federal child pornography charges in the case because some of the victims are/or were minors when the alleged incidents took place.

Assistant Greene County Prosecutor Russ Dempsey says that he will dismiss any charge that his office has filed against Johnson that federal prosecutors pick up.

A search warrant served on the suspect says that the trainer told the women to weigh nude to obtain a more accurate weight, and that he allegedly moved the scales into a secluded room for privacy.

Cops also found two videotapes in a trash can at the man’s residence during the search. Detectives say that Johnson told them that they contained footage of three young women and the teenager.

Records also indicate that investigators believe the man was videotaping women and young girls at the Health Tracks facility on S.Fremont over a three year period.

On Tuesday, Greene County Associate Circuit Mark Powell, scheduled a hearing for Dec. 31 to hear arguments on a motion that Johnson's defense attorney, Robert Torp, filed to have Johnson's bond reduced.

The judge also reviewed a list of names of the victims to see if he knew any of the names of the victims involved in the alleged crime as his son also trains at the facility and he doesn't want a conflict to arise in the case.

If convicted, Johnson could be sentenced up to four years for each of the 17 charges.
UPDATE 10-20-11:

A former trainer at Healthtracks, a facility operated by St. John's, has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for secretly taping naked underage girls at the facility.

Scott Johnson, 32, of Springfield was found guilty of eight counts of sexual exploitation of a minor last December.

In October 2008, a staff member at Healthtracks noticed a video camera on Johnson’s desk. The video tape loaded in the camera contained videos of two females, that were taped during a two year period between January of 2006 and December of 2007, disrobing and weighing themselves.

Johnson was immediately suspended and, eventually terminated from his employment at Healthtracks. Springfield police officers later found additional video cassettes, which Johnson had attempted to destroy, in his trash can at his residence.