1:29 PM
A man from Harrison, Arkansas was sentenced to twenty years in prison for a murder that happened in July of 2007.

Prosecutor Jeff Merrell says that a jury found Terry Lynn Huey guilty in the stabbing death of killing Dewayne Anthony Lynn in August.
Merrell says that Huey lent Lynn $30, and that he wanted it back. A fight broke out at the Crescent Court motel and Huey stabbed Lynn, nicking him in an artery. He bled to death before he could reach the hospital which was just three blocks away.

Huey was sentenced to twenty years for second degree murder; ten years on Armed Criminal Action; and four years for Unlawful Use Of A Weapon.

Those sentences are to be served concurrently (together.) Huey will have to serve at least 85% or 17 years of his sentence because of the Armed Criminal Action charge before he will be eligible for parole.


Anonymous said...

Hi. When Mr. Huey murdered Mr. Lynn, ha was not even supposed to be in Missouri. He was on parole in Arkansas, and was not to leave the state without permission. I know this because Mr. Huey was sentenced to 18 years in prison, of which he only served three, for his vicious physical attack on me.