A young man from Texas County originally charged with second degree murder has agreed to help prosecutors with their cases against his father and brother, in exchange for a lighter sentence.

Prosecutors say that Andrew Geise, along with his brother, Nathaniel "Tommy" Geise, and the boys' father, Kurt, allegedly shot and killed Travis Walker and severely beat Robert Brummit in the driveway of the Geise home north of Willow Springs in March of 2006.

According to investigators, Walker, Brummit and three friends went to the Geise home looking for the driver of a white Dodge Intrepid that attempted to run Brummit, his girlfriend and their baby off of the road earlier in the evening.

According to witnesses, the Geise's would not let them call 911 to summon help for Walker until it was too late.

In exchange for his testimony, prosecutors have widdled down Andrew Geise's charge to aggravated assault. He will be sentenced on October 14th. According to online records, Nathaniel "Tommy Geise's, jury trial is set for April of next year; Kurt Geise's trial is set to begin in May of 2009.