Last weeks death of a toddler from Jasper County has been ruled a homicide according to Coroner Jerry Neil.
Neil and investigators with the Joplin Police Department are remaining tight-lipped in little Kyler DeShawn Jones' death.

What is known is that a caregiver of the little boy took him to an urgent care facility about 11:00 a. m. last Tuesday in Joplin; he was then transported by ambulance to St. John's Regional Medical Center where he was pronounced dead at 11:17 a.m.

According to cops, Kyler had some bruising on his body and an autopsy performed on the toddler was inconclusive, however, the coroners ruling reveals that Kyler's death wasn't an accident.

Kyler's mom, Meagan Jones, left him in the charge of a Joplin couple and was not with him when he was brought in to the urgent care facility. Kylers' father, lives out of state and authorities had a hard time contacting him.

Corporal Chuck Niess of the Joplin Police Department said the investigation into the little boy's death has just gotten underway and that there are no charges pending against anyone right now.