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A man from Reeds Spring is facing felony drug charges after drugs allegedly sent through the mail were delivered to his home last fall.
Ryan Ray Miller, 33, of Reeds Spring, was charged with distribution of a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance following a lengthy investigation by the Combined Ozarks Multijurisdictional Enforcement Drug Task Force.
A postal inspector contacted COMET drug officers last August after a dog "indicated the package contained a controlled substance."  A woman answered the door at 27 Cobblestone Lane when a postal inspector delivered the package.  The woman consented when officers asked her permission to open the package, according to the probable cause statement.
About 1.5 pounds of a substance that field tested positive for methamphetamine was found Inside two plastic zip-locked baggies.  The baggies were covered in a brown substance that smelled like cinnamon, writes the officer.  The undercover officer writes that is "a common practice to throw drug dogs off when shipping drugs in the mail."  
The woman contacted Miller, who arrived while officers were still at the residence, and denied any knowledge of the methamphetamine delivery.  Miller consented to a search of the residence.  Authorities found a mushroom growing operation and 14.3 grams of marijuana inside the residence, according to court documents. 
The officer seized mushroom spores for a lab analysis which revealed those mushrooms did not contain psilocybin,a controlled substance.  However, dried mushrooms that were seized in the raid tested positive for psilocyn.
Miller who was arrested March 12, was released after posting $25,000 bond last week.  He is due back in court next month.


Anonymous said...

the top story about the drug charge in Reeds Spring is my topic. Why-Why do you all have to say that these crimes are done in Reeds Spring when they are NOT. the mail addy may be but these crimes are often said to be in our little city and its a lie. I have had enough as I work for the city of Reeds Spring and we just get tired of being labeled as a drug and crime town when it isn't even our city limits so please,please stop. I am Dennis Elliott and I am a big fan of yours and Im not bagging on you as much as the news in general thankyou and keep up the good stuff as its great

Kathee Baird said...


I work off of official court documents. I'm sorry, but I can't change that.

Thanks for reading!!