12:47 PM

Crane Fire chief John Godfrey reported to city leaders at the March 11th Board of Alderman meeting that workers have nearly finished installing wiring at the fire station.

Godfrey told board members that the fire department has responded to 41 calls since the beginning of the year.  There are also plans to get a CPR course scheduled soon.

City administrator Bob Savage said the city is owed about $28,000 in outstanding municipal fines.

Work continues on renovations at the city pool.  The cost to repair the pool deck is estimated to be about $9,500, according to Savage.

The concession stands at the city ballpark have been turned over to the Crane Booster Club and the lease for the ballpark between the city and school district is expected to be approved in the next few weeks.

Board members approved hiring an archaeologist, at a cost of no more than $2,000, to conduct an archaeological study of a proposed area for a recreational trail. Savage reported that the Missouri Department of Natural Resources requires the study be done to qualify for the grant.

The city entered in to a new maintenance agreement contract with Hersey, a company that provides electronic water meter reading equipment, after "a major component of the existing water meter reading hardware has failed and needs to be replaced."

Board members also approved the purchase of a $7,449 Gravely mower from Ozark Outdoors.

Police chief John Elmore reported that his office is working on nuisance violations within the city.

Bills were presented and reviewed were electric $82,835.70; general revenue $9,058.36; parks $48.27; trash $10,730.04, street $2,855.95, and water $17,508.02.

At the next board meeting, which is scheduled for March 24th, the voluntary annexation of Highway 413 and DD is on the agenda.