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Authorities in Webster County are trying to sort out a bizarre case involving an Amish man who castrated himself in July.

Sheriff Roye Cole says when a deputy was sent to the Amish community in Seymour on July 23rd they found Jacob Schwartz lying in his bed with a blanket over him.  "There was blood on the blanket, bed and floor around Jacob."

When Deputy Adam Hughes asked Schwartz what happened "he said he went outside and castrated himself." Schwartz says he cut off his testicles with a knife and threw them over a hill near the family's farmhouse.  

Schwartz told the deputy that he applied some "blood powder" to the wound to stop the bleeding and then went to bed.  Schwartz offered no explanation of why he hurt himself and said he didn't remember walking outside or back to his room.

According to the incident report, Schwartz was unable to tell Hughes where on the property the crude self mutilation took place or where the knife was that was used before he had a seizure and was transported to a hospital in Springfield.  

The investigation into the incident is ongoing, but Sheriff Roye Cole says the Schwartzes aren't cooperating with authorities.