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Richard H. Watson (mug shot JCSO)

The mother of a man who died while incarcerated in the Jasper County jail last December has field a federal lawsuit against several former and current employees of the sheriff's office.

The federal complaint says Richard Hoyt Watson, who was an alcoholic and going through withdrawl, fell face first in his cell on December 16th and was then put in an emergency restraint chair for 21 hours.  It alleges that jail and medical staff at the jail were negligent when they denied food, water, life saving blood pressure medicine and medical care to the man.

According to the lawsuit, medical staff did not transfer Watson to a hospital even though his blood and oxygen levels were dangerously low.

Manufacturers of the emergency restraint chair warn "that persons left in the device for more than two hours are subject to substantial injury and possible death."

Attorney Brandon Potter says over four hours of video tape of Watson in the restraint chair is missing.

Former Jasper County Sheriff Archie Dunn said in a news release late last year that Watson, who was being held on a violation of a protection order, died of natural causes.


Anonymous said...

This jail violates the federal and state laws on a regular basis. My boyfriend was kept in the restraint chair there once for 6 days straight. When they finally let him out of that restraint chair he could not even walk. They need to be help accountable.

Anonymous said...

this jail is so crooked and violates federal laws on a regular basis. The officials there think they can violate federal laws and have never been held accountable. My boyfriend was kept in the restraint chair at that for 6 days straight. He could not even walk when they finally let him out of it. He will be filing a lawsuit early in 2014.