4:30 PM
Robin Collett (mug shot SCSO)

A Galena woman who is facing charges of burglary waived her preliminary hearing and has been bound over for trial.

Authorities say thirty two year-old Robin Collett and her boyfriends 16 year-old son were allegedly caught stripping copper pipe from some foreclosed condos' in Indian Point on July 16th.

Indian Point officer Emily Carpenter says she was on routine patrol when she noticed a Maroon car parked near the condominiums at 39 Songbird Land. As Carpenter approached the condo's Collett and the teen were walking out of the structure.

Collett admitted to bringing burglary tools to break into the condo's.  When Collett's car was searched, a white powdery substance and a razor that field tested positive for illegal drugs was found in the woman's purse when it was searched.

Collett is also facing first degree assault and armed criminal action charges in connection to an unrelated incident over the Memorial Day weekend in which Trevor Schumacher was beaten with rocks and a canoe paddle near Bakers Hole. Court documents say Collett's boyfriend, Christopher Gilmore and Billy Jack Taylor also held Schumacher's head underwater while he was being beaten.

Christopher C. Gilmore (mug shot SCSO)

Schumacher told authorities he believed he would have been killed if his sister Amanda Ireland had not intervened.

Billy Jack Taylor (mug shot SCSO)

In the probable cause statement filed against Collett on the assault charges, Ireland told investigators that Collett chased her with a canoe paddle and threatened to kill her and her unborn baby.

The preliminary hearings on the assault charges for Collett, Gilmore and Taylor is scheduled for October 9th.